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Introducing the Subscribe-O-Matic Support Center

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Subscribe-O-Matic has the power to change the way you interact with your audience and advertise in Second Life linden .

Your users will thank you, too. With easy ways to join to your groups, no group limits, RSS feeds, lightning-fast message and item delivery, and no annoying chat spam, Subscribe-O-Matic is your tool of choice.

Try it out for free and find out why many of the biggest Second Life linden business owners and brands are already utilizing Subscribe-O-Matic to take their Second Life linden  advertising to the next level.

In our continuous effort to provide quality support for our service, we have launched the new Support Center.

Our new Support Center is available to everyone and is the preferred way of contacting us.

You can access the Support Center online at or you can also open a support ticket automatically by sending an email to support (at)

If you have an existing Subscribe-O-Matic subscription (free or paid plan), you can log in with your existing Subscribe-O-Matic email and password.

If you didn't provide an email address in your Subscribe-O-Matic Account settings, you can either enter your email in the Subscribe-O-Matic account settings, or register a new support account at Support Center.

We suggest you use your exact avatar name for the Full name field in Second Life linden .

Support Center registration is optional and will enable you to view your tickets online, comment and rate knowledgebase articles, etc. If you open a new ticket without registering, a new account will be created for you automatically, and you will the confirmation email with your login details included.

Try searching the knowledgebase - we will be expanding our knowledgebase with new articles constantly, and there might already be an article that can help you out.

You can either browse the knowledgebase categories or use the search widget on the right side of the page.

Submit a ticket if you can't find the answer - click the Submit a Ticket link on the Support Center main page to start.

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