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Roleplay Series Questes Second Life Gor

The Gor Hub in Second Life is a place where those new to Gor, and those active in Gor, can meet. The design of the Hub makes it an ideal setting for learning more about Gor while not jumping in blindly. We had the pleasure of speaking to Fabien DeSantis, designer of the Gor Hub in Second Life and an associate of hers in regard to the Gor Hub and Gorean Second Life.

Q:We would like to start off by thanking you both for taking the time to talk to us about Gorean role-play in Second Life Linden. Fabien, what can you tell our reader about the foundation of Gorean Role-play in Second Life?

A:Foundation as in how it started? It started with one sim, which is now private and I've never seen it. Now Gor Second Life Linden is about 600 Sims in all and around 300 RP sims. Many Goreans play and live outside the RP sims on private sims like me. So the exact number can't really be known

Q:How much does the land mass change day to day?

A:Daily one sim closes on average and one more opens. Some of that is renaming but it's forever changing because of sims being deleted and rebuilt. I've been going so long I'm told by the owners now when anything changes.

Q:So how long have you both been part of the Gorean community, and how did you get started?

A:I began in 2006 it seem so a long time ago. I just saw Goreans around and got curious. I don't like Malls, clubs or talking to kids so I stayed longer than I expected. Gor is keen on formal greetings but it means nobody ever gets ignored. You can go anywhere in Gor and you'll find someone to talk to who's interested in talking to you.

Gor- where to start. I did the freebie areas; dance areas; night clubs; ski areas; strip clubs; shopped till I didn't need anything anymore; bought and sold land; had great friends from all but wondered what else was there? The answer was role play and the most active role play is Gor. After few visits and reading some of the books and I was hooked.

Q:Fabien, can you tell our readers a bit about the Gor hub you have built here in Second Life Linden for the Gorean community?

A:It was meant purely as a way of finding all the sims, and to collate all the landmarks. Gor is unique in that its bases on a map and all its sims are named so easily sorted into an interesting graphic. Since the hubs beginning it has become a meeting place, a crossroads if you like, but this was not intentionally done. Goreans found that they liked a common ground where they could meet each other. Since the hub began I've adapted it to the way it's used, so now the hub is as much a meeting place as a teleport hub

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