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Roleplay Series-Second Life Gor

This begins a series of articles on role play is second life. Second Life is the most detailed virtual world platform today.

With the tools available to shape Second Life Linden to the needs of the user, the game has the potential to become the stage for the next generation of role players. Multitudes of landscapes have been built, and more are built daily to provide a backdrop for limitless storylines.

Gor, the word itself brings to mind muscled warriors and scantily clad beautiful women. The Gorean community is currently one of the largest role-play communities in Second Life Linden, and probably the most misunderstood. Gorean role-play is based around the works of John Norman, the pen-name of Dr. John Lange, a professor of Philosophy and a classical scholar.

The works of John Norman are often painted with ethnography, as he populated Gor with the equivalents of Romans, Greeks, Native Americans, Vikings, and other cultures. Started in 1967 Gor is an intricately detailed world in terms of flora, fauna, and customs.

All of this detail makes it an ideal setting for role play. Sadly Gor's mature nature has prevented gaming companies from approaching it as a game concept. Second Life Linden thus becomes an ideal platform for fans of John Norman's works.

In the storyline of the books the population groups of Gor are actually transplants from Earth brought to Gor via space-craft by the Priest-Kings, an extraterrestrial species of insectoid appearance. The cultures are advanced in the areas of architecture and medical technology, but are forced to remain primitive as far as transportation and weaponry are concerned because of restrictions imposed by the Priest-Kings. This is in place to insure the safety of all the peoples of Gor due to the violent nature of humans.

The people of the Second Life Linden Gorean community have lovingly reproduced much of the world of Gor that John Norman wrote about. One important thing to remember is that Second Life landscapes are built by the fans for other fans, thus making them more complete than many landscapes offered by major players in the MMORPG market.

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