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Certain Mob about Silkroad

Some ppl have tested it out before. Certain mobs do give a higher percentage of dropping sox items. We know some ppl think it's random, but it's not. We had 10-12 parties grinding in rotations. Some spot didn't get a single drop, but other spot, there was an sox drop like every 2 weeks. It's been going on for awhile now since 10d cap.

There, we told ya'll our secret about how we got like 5 sox's in a month. Thought we'd share that before it goes around to the other community in sro in Silkroad.

We're just sharing to improve our level(Silk Road Gold). If you think it's BS you can just ignore it. We figure something's up when we grind at 95 mobs and found 1 som and 3 sos, we leave to go to 99 and our friend takes over and she found 2 sos there. She left and now someone else in the union just found a som recently.

It might be slightly random with certain mobs or spots having slightly better rates. Can't be spawn cuz the 95 spot we was at had average spawn, nothing high. Usually only 2-3 pt mobs at once.


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