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Part Two: Required/Optional Skills in Silkroad

We got the article in Silkroad which from other website, we sincerely hope it can help you more or less.

+Hawk Training Series -- SemiRequired.
Rating: B+.

In this series, we would not recommend getting the black hawk or the lightning one. To a nuker, they need high attack rating so they can do damage(Silk Road Gold) the highest they can. So get the white and blue hawk, even though the lightning looks way cooler. But if you want to get the black or lightning hawk, go ahead, its like an extra wolf/bear/penguin/crow, they help you attack but these skill birds do not die.

+Autumn Wind Arrow -- Optional.
Rating: C+.

This skill is basically like the 2nd book of the fire nuke, it shoots an arrow in a straight line and whoever is in range of the arrow gets hurt.Silk Road Gold  But do not get me wrong, its damage does not compare to the nuke. We would not get this move but if you want to be a perfectionist and don't want to leave any skills behind, go ahead.

+Break Heaven Arrow -- Required.
Rating: B+.

This skill should be maxed, if you are already going Pure Int Bow, why not increase the range of your arrows. For example, if someone were to run from you and you were to try to nuke him but is not in distance, switch to using your bow skills and the range will help you use for instance a strong bow that will stun him and allow you time to get close.

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