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Silkroad Guide for Router in Game

This is mmofisher. We got the information in Silkroad from other site. Hope it can help you more or less and have a wonderful time!

Our Router is a Zhone. If you could walk through it we believe that would be the better scenario as we might actually learn something. We were going to try to guess and fiddle with the router settings as we are not a complete noob but at this point, we have not even been able to log into the router. We have tried the default username/password combinations given in the manual online, with no luck. We tried to reset using the usual method, unplug, hit reset button for ten seconds. We provide SilkRoad Gold for you here.

But it did not work our network still has the SSID we gave it. Also, both computers are connected wirelessly through the router. Connecting the 2nd computer directly via ethernet solves the problem, but we do not exactly have comfortable seating for two in the "office". Strangely enough, as 3 hours of work has proved, setting up spoonproxy on a hard-wired computer and the a socks program to tunnel. We provide Silk Road Gold  for you.

The wireless connection through the hard-wired connection does not work and still gives us the c10 error. We know it works as the client hangs and loses the connection to the server if we unplug the other computer's ethernet cable. We guess we do not understand the issue like we thought we did. We are leaving for work now so we will not be able to try anything until around 5 PM EST.

Thanks for your reading! If you have no time to level your character, our Silk Road Gold service is your best choice and we will do our best to help you.

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