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SRO Guide: Something About The Server Type

Welcome to Goldceo. This topic is main about some the server type in Silkroad, we sincerely hope it can help you more or less. Wish you have a good day!

Tried your hand in a couple of the foreign SRO(Silk Road Gold) servers and just did not pick up like we used to. The community just is not the same as it was here on Aege in the good old days. Before all the abuse against the Turkish, there was a somewhat peaceful community that consisted of the mysterious TW players who may or may not have b*tted, random players looking to have fun, and that one union of DreamZ. Good times.

Nowadays, it is all about on those certain types of servers which may or may not require any monthly financial contribution of any mandatory sort. It is like an extended version of their 10-day trial. But yeah, unlikely to ever return to Silk Road Gold. Tried it at one point and only survived a month, not including wait times to get into the game(Silk Road Gold).

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