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The Guide for Silkroad Farming Area

Welcome to Goldicq. We got the guide for farming area in Silkroad which from other website, we sincerely hope it can help you more or less. Wish you have a good day!

Well, the areas outside Samakrand are always the best. But there are a few treat spot we have found over the months of playing out there. One nice spot is in the huns, a perfect spot for level(Silk Road Gold) 23-28, and how to get there is by going straight up through the north gate of Samakrand until you hit the mountains. The turn right and travel along the mountains until you are about half way between Samakrand and the Golem area.

There should be a raised plateau where you can set all your characters(Silk Road Gold), and don below is the second highest giant spawning spot in the game. When you plvl there, you normally get around 3 giants every 30 minutes, and a party giant at least once every 25 minutes. This normally happens, but it all depends on how lucky you are.

Another spot for the huns is if you travel all the way down the road from Samakrand to the golem area. Right by the river there will be a spot full of huns, these have a decent respawn rate, and you normally will not run out of monsters to kill. If you travel down the river, you will find a number of sungsung-infested areas that are ripe for the taking, but sungsung are normally better for level 25-30.

We will suggest that you try using golems to plvl, they are bad luck and not all that fun to deal with. We had trouble keeping your party alive with a level 82 s/s nuker fully farmed. And last but not least, there are a number of hun areas that are just east of the ong area, normally pressed up against the mountains. These spots are normally really good, and we always have plvling at them. Good luck.

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