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Uniques 105 CAP in Silkroad

We got the information in Silkroad from other site. Hope it can help you more or less and have a wonderful time!

The reason we are asking is because on the server, we are on wizzies are populated like 75% of the server. With the 105 cap will the uniques in Alexandria cave be Physical Or Magical. So we are planning to reskill 92 rogue to 92 warrior 1H to be useful and we like it. No need to tell us about the easyness of doing it, we have saved the curst hearts and gold for it and what remains will be spend with silk.

Purely in a PVE sense im considering if its wise to choose Robe or Heavy armor, had 92 levels(Silk Road Gold) of having Fugly. Well we want to be the ultimate tank with Uniques at 105 cap, could care less about 100 cap. Any constructive replies appreciated. Chances are, they will probably be both. Not all uniques are just phys or mag in jangan cave. And did you mean rogue and just 1h warrior. Rogue/ warriors need 2h, and axes for the stun move atleast. We say robe would best aswell.

We delevel our Rogue Mastery to 0, level our Warrior Mastery to 92 and max 1H skills to 92. Already got a cleric sub to 92 so that's no biggie. What do you think is best in this case to wear? In regards to Unique PVE and while we are at it, pvp. Also, we know 2H and axe are there,but SP at 100 is sufficiently depressing, SP at 105 is well,very saddening if you havent pfarmed at ongs. So until we maxed 1H (+cleric) for 105. We do not care about the other weaps.

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