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Soul Order Online Ver1.5.0 Released

Soul Order Online Ver1.5.0:1. Level cap promotes to level 60; new map Mystic Stonehenge opened.This new land looks bleak, and the monsters there are fierce.Soul Order Gold): Medicine: Instant HP Pill ..


Big Adjustments in Soul Order Online New Version

Soul Order Online will be released very soon. Players will find many big changes in this version. Some changes are already completed, while some are under way. Now we want to preview some of those to ..



Soul Order Online is a 3D free massively multiplayer online RPG, Euphemistically known as Free to play MMORPG, which is developed by Chinese guys and published by China-headquartered Miracle Castle.Li..


PvP and PvE will show you the distinctions

Soul Order Online world there are two opposite realms: Fairy Land and Demon Land which are deadly rivals to each other, and there are always fierce battles between them. Each realm has five classes, a..


Miracle Castle Reveals Upcoming MMORPG: Soul Order Online

Soul Order Online! This is a Full 3D visual angle fantastic game with a small client around 600MB.Soul Order Gold Full 3D visual angle, small client and very short downloading time.- Good definition b..


It has a fantastic background of ancient Oriental Legend

Soul Order Onlinegame, and these two realms have many chances to launch fierce fights and free PvP. There are five different class properties in each realm, various inherences, skills and different we..


Full 3D F2P MMORPG: Soul Order Online

Soul Order Online is a MMORPG with a fantastic background of ancient Orient Legend. It has good definition but low hardware requirement; you can enjoy fancy graphics and shocking skill effects with ba..


Atlantica Online removes Stamina allows unlimited play

Atlantica Online has taken to heart with its latest mechanical change overhauling the Stamina system. Specifically, the overhaul consists of removing the system in its entirety as of today, allowing p..


A Mild-Mannered Reporter: In the case of Corruptors

AsCity of Villainswas an expansion toas well as its own standalone title, it introduced several changes that are unique to the game. One of the primary changes to the game was the ability to play as a..


Soul Order Online Events Experiences

Soul Order Online has started its Open Beta Test for nearly two weeks. There are three types of events: GM Event, Calendar Event and Community Event. Every day, kinds of varied events will be hold in ..


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