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Big Adjustments in Soul Order Online New Version

New version 2.0.0 of Soul Order Online will be released very soon. Players will find many big changes in this version. Some changes are already completed, while some are under way. Now we want to preview some of those to you.

Leveling up became easier.
Brand new UI.
Some shop items will begin to drop.
Item Auction will be released.

Leveling up difficulty will be reduced. Although quest experience is less than before, player will need much less experience to level up. When new version releases, (Soul Order Gold)some level 58 players might find he is already at level 60. Players will spend less time to gain high level equipments and weapons, and begin to explore high level dungeons.

At the instance of our players, shop items such as Purple Identify Gem (lvl 1-30), Original Storm Stone (lvl 1-30) and Original Earth Stone (lvl 1-30) begin to drop. That means players could have more powerful gears at a low level without purchasing and crediting.

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