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Soul Order Online is a 3D free massively multiplayer online RPG, Euphemistically known as Free to play MMORPG, which is developed by Chinese guys and published by China-headquartered Miracle Castle.
Like Talisman Online previously published by Miracle Castle, Soul Order Online is very similar to this game in terms of client size, 3D visual effects, and game genre.
The official website is under construction even without a single teaser page. According to the press release, the game has five classes available throughout the game world, no exact info announced, but chances are Mage, Warrior, Priest, Swordsman, and Assassin.

In Soul Order Online, you will be also able to learn about Chinese MMORPG elements, such games including Conquer Online, Phoenix Dynasty Online, and Blade Wars and Dragon Oath and many more. In Miracle Castle’s words, you can get the valuable items such as soultreasures. Soultreasure of Fire, Thunder, Demon, Dragon, Lotus and Shadow in the Oriental gaming world of Soul Order Online.
Traditionally, the game featuring PVP, or Warfare has at least opposite factions, Soul Order Gold is no exception. You can role play a character either in Fairy Land and Demon Land to explore this fantasy world.

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