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It has a fantastic background of ancient Oriental Legend

There are two opposite realms: Fairy Land and Demon Land in the Soul Order Online  game, and these two realms have many chances to launch fierce fights and free PvP. There are five different class properties in each realm, various inherences, skills and different weapons will customize your character. 

Soul Order Gold Game Features:
1. Soul system which includes mysterious Souljewels, gorgeous Soultreasures and soul refinery will give you a novel experience.

2. Feat system is a system for dungeon. Player will get corresponding benefit after he/she finish a certain percentage complete.

3. Battlefield system provides a relatively formal war between two realms. This system includes protecting Life Cup, maneuvering Gun Bogie, scrambling for Treasure Box, accumulating honor points and getting Battlefield rewards, it's a good time to test tactics.

4. Damage Statistics system will collect damage output data of your attack. You can collect and compare these data and optimize your fighting mode. Other data statistics will be added according to players' need in the future.

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