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PvP and PvE will show you the distinctions

In Soul Order Online world there are two opposite realms: Fairy Land and Demon Land which are deadly rivals to each other, and there are always fierce battles between them. Each realm has five classes, and their fighting strategies are totally different. Even characters in the same class will be Individual in various inherences, skills and different weapons. PvP and Soul Order Online PvE will show you the distinctions.

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In your adventure, you will not only face divertive quests, challenging dungeons, but you can also seek for mysterious souljewels with the colors of the rainbow. Diverse souljewels will help you to get powerful soultreasure. Soul Order Online of Fire, Thunder, Demon, Dragon, Lotus and Shadow, they are not just powerful, but also gorgeous, you will like them!

Array is another characteristic system. They are neat and vigoroso. You can deploy Arrays for small team and even a group of hundred people. It's a chance to test cooperative spirit and ability. A successful Array will bring you big fighting bonus.

Apprentice and Soul Order Gold master system will provide you a quick way to grow up and a chance to help newbies. You will also enjoy expedite auction beyond realms and territories.

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