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Soul Order Online Events Experiences

Soul Order Online has started its Open Beta Test for nearly two weeks. There are three types of events: "GM Event", "Calendar Event" and "Community Event". Every day, kinds of varied events will be hold in these three types. Let's review some screenshots of PK type events at first:

"GM Protection" Event:
GMs from Glory Land and Dark Land will go out for an important mission, but they have a risk to be attacked by their opponent realm. Players from corresponding realms come to protect their GM! If Glory Land GM has been killed, all the players of Dark Land will get rewards, vice versa. The rewards will be: Loudspeaker x 5 (used to speak in world chat channel), Miracle Potion and Stand-in Baby (used to revival without any punishment).

Provider: Keiko
Comment: Get together to prepare for the "GM Protection" event!

Provider: MeCrazy
Comment: GM Protection in Glory Land - look at the fierce brother battle tigers!
"PK BOSS" Event:
BOSS launch attack and they appear near the Main City! Heroes get together to wipe them out and get the loots!


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