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Tales of Pirates 2: How to Train Your Pirate

Many peg legs in Tales of Pirates 2 have groused that it's tough to level when they first start out, that only Web Mall spending enables one to play the game with decent fun. We beg to differ! With the right way, newbies can embark on a smooth journey in Tales of Pirates as well, sailing their way to pirate greatness.

First, a popular misconception that only Voyagers can train at sea must be addressed. Since all the classes can own and navigate ships, everyone in TOP can enjoy nautical adventures. While other classes may not have skills to speed up their ships or other naval skills like Voyagers, the difference is not really that significant. In fact, this makes training at sea a much easier and straightforward task than training on land.

Pirates who tried their hand at seafaring training would understand the agony of having their ships chased by monsters once the monsters get targeted and attacked. In minutes, their ships often sink to the seabed ins ad defeat. How does one train with this frustrating monster-aggro trap? Here is a simple but brilliant tip. Pressing CTRL + left click will command your ship to blast cannons at any desired location on the sea. Do this to an empty space near monsters, but do not target the monsters themselves. The cannons will still deal them some damage. Although the attack power may not b eas high as that of a direct target, this is a good way to avoid aggro from monsters and you may even hit other monsters from this "empty space bombing". The experience earned will be much higher than that of land too!

If you find your gold running out while leveling at sea, don't be a scrooge and sell the flashy gear you got from the Newbie Goodie Bag! Flashiness is of no real use in maritime adventures in the game. Remember, you're a PIRATE! Arrrr!

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Tales of Pirates II is a new adventure game set in the age of the Vikings. It’s a time of great discoveries and also great brutality. Roam the vast oceans of northern Europe and engage in intense battles, using technological superiority and magical powers to determine who will claim mastery over the seas.

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