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Brand new golden housing system Angels

House Party in Vindictus, as the name suggests, this version is less focused on monster killing and more focused on character personalization.
This personalization has advanced from simple changes of clothes, and now extends to a house that players can purchase, as well as all the things that go in a character’s house. Sound interesting? Let’s take a glance at the brand new house system for Angels gold .

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1. House Types
There are Vindictus Online Gold three basic types of houses to choose from.
2. House Attributes
Houses have 3 main attributes:
Magic: Consists of Mana value and furniture bonuses.
Cleanliness: Displays how clean a house is.
Popularity: Based on the other players’ recommendation and votes. So be nice and invite your friends to an Vindictus Gold open house!
If the info below doesn't match the info in game, the info in game will prevail.
Own your own house without worrying about getting a loan! Only in Angels Online gold !
With the new Angels gold Exchange System being released and Easter coming soon, IGG Buzz has a lot to offer players Vindictus Online Gold including bunny toys, iPod Touches, Casio Sports Watches, and Travel Suitcases. These gifts are all yours as long as you have enough Angels gold. The number of gifts is limited, and it's first come, first serve.
Meanwhile, the players who were recommended by IGG Angels goldmembers will obtain a special Easter Gift Bag after they log into the games. Mysterious gifts are waiting for you! Come and get them!

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Event Duration
How to Exchange Angels gold?
After you have a certain number of Vindictus Gold Angels gold saved up, you can exchange them for one (or more) of the gifts we're offering according to the standard exchange rules we've set up. After the exchange, the corresponding number of Angels gold will be deducted from your account. The quantity of some gifts is limited, and no more will be available for exchange if we run out, so act now!

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