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Fiona Character Build and Combat Skills in Vindictus

Vindictus is a stable warrior who chooses to weld a sword and shield. She also relies on her shield to protect herself from enemy’s attacks and able to surprise her foes when they aren’t looking. When she starts out she already has a skill to wear heavy armor and eventually when you managed to level her up she will be able to equip Plate Armor and use gigantic hammers as weapons.

From what I think that she comes from the south, and treasures her privacy. No one really knows why did Fiona decided to join the Crimson Blade Mercenaries, because she never speaks about her past and many people are amazed about her combat abilities. When the people ask about her background they stupefied in mystery as all the other people asked her before.

When you decided to play as her in Vindictus(Vindictus Gold), many players are misunderstood that she is a tank but in fact she isn’t much a tank class as Lann. A lot of people think that she is a tank due to her high hp and ability to wear heavy armor. But to my experiences Fiona is more of a defensive melee character than a tank character due to her abilities. If you’re wondering why I will let you have the low down on her skills and some explanatory on the usage and how claim these wonderful skills when acclaimed open beta starts.

One of her basic skill is the Guard skill, it allows you to block all sources of attack such as a swinging log trap and couple blunt attacks from enemies. Vindictus Gold also can help you.The drawback of this skill is the amount of attacks that u have deflected back will cause your shield to break and you will be temporary defenseless until repair your armor. Also the guard skill is the first skill that you start off with when you start the game. So no stressful worries while trying claim this skill in the beginning.

The second skill is the counter attack skill,Vindictus Gold is more useful for you, it allows you to perform a powerful attack right after using the defending from an enemy attack. (But to myself I have never had to chance to use this skill or figure out how to due to the complicated combo process that prevented me from using this skill in the close beta. Also I don’t even remember completing the story for this skill at all.) This whole skill is used for stunning your enemies when they managed to do a frontal attack. If your thinking that this is a wonderful skill to use well it has several draw backs to this skill, if you use it more than once time it wears out your shield and if you do this skill more than one time it will destroy it. Oh yeah, if your wondering how to claim this skill well u need to complete the White battle. Then you need to chat with Marrec to obtain the Counter Attack Story and try to achieve 120 battle points on Bryn’s Research. Also you need to have your Guard skill to rank C and to finally finish story/quest is by talking to Marrec when your conditions are met.

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