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Vindictus Game Zone Now Goes Live!

 Vindictus Game Zone News: Nexon's most anticipated Vindictus, infusing elements of juicy RPG and fast action, will enter the open beta test on October 13th. By then, more players will be able to experience this visually stunning action-based MMORPG. Our staff have been working around the clock to collect various resources for our Vindictus Gold! Today, we are proud to announce our Vindictus Game Zone goes live, and invite you to share the achievements with us! Now you can click here easily to visit Vindictus Game Zone!

Vindictus shares the same world view with Mabinogi which was developed by DevCat Studio, but its style and gameplay are totally different from Mabinogi.  Vindictus Online Gold uses the Source game engine which is also used by Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike. Nexon America has announced that they will move to next phase - OPEN BETA and also unveiled the upcoming contents in the anticipated Open Beta, including new town Ainle, new character customization options and fishing dock etc., for players!

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